Monday, April 19, 2010

Modification Motocycle Honda Beat

AHM certain to sell his sister Vario for targeting low-end class. Yes, it is in Thailand skutik named Icon. In fact, the White Elephant in the country now has many versions modification. Began to change in mild to extreme. Examples on this page. Ubahannya concept called techno art by which he meant mengombinasi body art design with hi-tech elements.

Body own design sports a thick shades. Visible on the stern of the vessel tapered tilled MotoGP races. Especially after the two exchanged with the tire tread width. Eventually the smell of motor sport became increasingly strong smell.

While teknonya elements shown in the application of some memorable parts sophisticated design. Eg exhaust gas channel formed silencernya kinds of triangles, and then on the side given the lattice like a shark respiratory tract. Then monosok behind the original construction firm, and changed sleep. Not to mention the addition of an arm on the right side rear wheel fenders that are designed together roda.Oh yes, the motor is the result of offering AP Thai Honda. Come with their boots on display at the 29th mat Bangkok International Motor Show, which ended Sunday (6 / 4) yesterday. In addition to several other modifications. Well, who knows this alteration could be the inspiration that will make you want to buy skutik it.


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